You are an inspiration!

We want to hear your story today!

What is Free to Be…You and Me: Life Stories that Inspire Girl Possible?


It is a new blog feature that aims to get to know you and your story. We believe that every story is interesting and every story can inspire someone. It is also structured so that parents and children can read all the stories together and hopefully it will lead to more questions and interesting discussions.



How will we get to know you?


We will get to know you through a series of questions that ask you things such as how you grew up, what you did in early adulthood, your passions and hobbies and your thoughts on some of the topics we cover in Girl Possible as well. We will send you the questions and after you have taken some think about your answers simply write them down and send them back to us. We will then format the questionnaire into a blog post.


We will also need 2-4 pictures of you! One should be a headshot or individual picture so we all know who you are. The others can be fun pictures that give us a peek into your life.



What are the expectations after the feature has been posted?


We will, of course, promote the blog post through our social media channels, tagging and mentioning you along the way. We hope that you will do the same. The more people that read it the more people that can be inspired by you. 



Is my story really worth telling?


Yes! Everyone’s story is worth telling. One of the main goals of this feature is to show kids and adults alike that we all grew up in different environments, took different journeys through our adult years and success can be defined in a variety of ways. We intend to remind everyone that regardless of what path we choose in life, our choices should be respected and accepted. The goal is to feature everyone’s story, from CEOs to stay at home parents and everyone in between.






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