Girl Possible as an empowerment program for girls in Grade 2 and 3 that works to expose them to skills and concepts that builds confidence broadens their understanding of self, friendship and teamwork while challenging them to consider the impossible possible.

A study from 2017 found only 25.6% of senior managers in the private sector were women.

Melissa Moyser, “Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report: Women and Paid Work,” (Statistics Canada, 2017): p. 26.

According to clinical psychologist, Robin F. Goodman

"Girls’ self-esteem peaks when they are 9 years old, then takes a nose dive."

As Moms of young girls, we wanted to create a place where we build up girls’ confidence and provide an environment where they can start to learn leadership skills.


We believe our program can help mitigate some of the challenges and risks that adolescent girls will face and provide a place to build confidence and self-esteem.

The sooner we teach girls to lift each other up not push each other down, the better.


By fostering an environment of collaboration, acceptance and self ­worth among young girls, we can create a positive impact on the social, emotional and academic lives of girls and the communities they thrive in.

We see Girl Possible as the first brick in the self-esteem Yellow Brick Road. Our motivation to deliver an exceptional program is bolstered by the academic evidence but we are also driven by what current women leaders are saying.

Three in four women wish they would have learned more about leadership when they were growing up.

They also wished that they had more opportunities to learn how to lead when they were growing up.

– Canadian Women’s Foundation

On study examined the benefits of preventative girls programs. They found a variety of positive outcomes and emphasized that these benefits would be further enhanced if preventative programs were conducted in small groups and began during the primary school years.

The authors concluded that preventative intervention is essential in creating and maintaining positive self-esteem among adolescent girls. 

Tirlea, L., Truby, H., & Haines, T. P. (2016). Pragmatic, randomized controlled trials of the Girls on the Go! Program to improve self­esteem in girls. American journal of health promotion, 30(4), 231­241.

Girl Possible is easy to implement!

Your Girl Possible Facilitator will receive each weekly module ready to go with information and videos related to that week’s theme, fun and engaging activities for each session, and introduction and closing routines.

Then your Facilitator takes the girls on a fun and exciting weekly journey!

Girl Possible does the rest!


We help co-ordinate sign up, send weekly communications to parents about what happened at Girl Possible each week and keep in touch with your Facilitator to help and support or answer any questions.

For more information or to get started with Girl Possible please contact Amy ( or Jana ( or visit our website.


We can’t wait to hear from you!

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