• Amy Schlueter

Have You Voted Today?

Today is municipal election day in Ontario and generally, municipal elections see the lowest voter turnout of any election. According to the Association of Municipalities Ontario, average voter turnout in 2014, in Ontario was only 43%.

It’s important to get this above the fold…..If you are eligible, go vote!

What decade did women get the vote?

There are a variety of arguments and theories as to why turnout is low. According to CBC some challenges include a lack of voter understanding of the difference between city and regional roles and access to candidate information.

None of that really matters. If you are over 18 it is your responsibility to exercise your right to vote. I struggle with anyone’s reason for not going to the polls on election day. We are privileged not only to have the right to vote in Canada but more importantly we have unencumbered access to voting on election day.

One look at the map shows you how long it has taken women to get the right to vote across the world. One quick Google search will also show you that in some places even if women have the right to vote, getting to the polls and casting their vote is not always an easy task.

Everyone has the responsibility to vote on election day. But as women we should pause and remember that it’s a right that took a lot of sacrifice to get, it hasn’t been that long since we’ve been able to vote and still today, for some women it’s not as easy as it looks to vote.

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