• Amy Schlueter

Where Did Girl Possible Come From?

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Our first Girl Possible program is well under way and now many people are asking just that……Where Did Girl Possible Come From?

It all started last spring and over 10 short months Girl Possible grew from a casual dinner conversation to the Girl Possible pilot program we are in the middle of today! It has been an entertaining, educational and fantastic ride so far.

That initial dinner conversation sparked something in Jana and I to take action. Our daughters, currently in Grade 2 are lucky to be part of a class that is thoughtful and caring, yet the children have vastly different personalities and interests.

Then we began to wonder how can we preserve that? How can we take the supportive culture the class currently has and make it durable enough to survive the tween and teen years?

So, our vision became to create a pre­emptive program for Grade 2 girls that would work to maintain self-esteem, prevent ‘mean girl’ mentality and further develop their understanding of empathy. As mothers with daughters, we believe that an early intervention program would provide various benefits to the girls in our Grade 2 class.

There is also a variety of literature that focuses on the positive outcomes of programs geared toward girls and the specific issues they face. Our initial research into the topic showed us two important things. First, that there are many fabulous ‘girl programs’ geared toward 9-12 year olds. Our thought then was,

could we mitigate some of the issues, feelings and struggles adolescent girls experience by building a stronger foundation starting when girls are 7-9 years old?

Perhaps if we show younger girls the importance of lifting each other up instead of pushing each other down sooner rather than later it will become part of who they are and change the culture of how girls view and treat each other throughout adolescence.

The second thing we learned was that various studies noted the benefits of preventative programs. They can have both a positive short and long-term impact on things such as the self-esteem, body image and self-efficacy of young girls. Some studies also found that the benefits of programs for older girls would be further enhanced if younger girls had the opportunity to participate in preventative programs during the primary school years.

All of this bolstered our confidence that the concept of Girl Possible is something we should do…..so we did!

Through Girl Possible, we believe by fostering an environment of collaboration, acceptance and self-worth a

mong young girls, we can create a positive impact on the social, emotional and academic lives of girls and the communities they thrive in.

We are in the middle of our first pilot program and we are enjoying watching the results of our hard work come to life. In the spirit

of all we impart at Girl Possible, such as confidence, power poses and getting out of your comfort zone……we can’t wait to bring Girl Possible to young girls everywhere!

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